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Of Such is the Kingdom - A treatise on Infant Baptism

The Baptism of infants has been a matter of debate in the Christian scenario since the time after the Reformers though almost all the Reformers preferred and were themselves subjects of Infant Baptism. The fail to accept that Jesus was born the Christ as an infant and worshipped by the wise men even in His infancy. John the Baptist the one send from above to baptize is evidently born of the Holy Spirit ‘even from his mother’s womb. We see in the gospel of Mathew that children from two years old and under were martyred for Christ. It is surprising that this matter is much debated even though the Lord declared infants as examples of those belonging to the Kingdom and asked all adults to convert and become as these children to receive the Kingdom. The Lord was much displeased with those rebuking the children from going to the King of the Kingdom, Jesus Christ Himself. The Bible says that without hesitation Jesus ‘took them in His arms and blessed them’.


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