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If there was nothing special about Mary, then,

1) Why does the Holy Spirit inspired Elisabeth (Lk1:41), the wife of a Jewish Priest ‘living righteous lives before the Lord’ (Lk1:5, 6) call Mary as ‘Lord’s mother’(Lk 1:43), even though she is a close relative (LK 1:6) and that too even before the Lord is born to Mary?

2) Why does Elisabeth see the visit by Mary as a ‘great thing’?(Lk 1:43).

3) Why does Angel Gabriel as well as the Spirit inspired Elisabeth call Mary as ‘blessed among women’? (Lk 1:28; 1:42).

4) Why does Mary say that ‘from that time onwards all generations shall call her blessed’? (Lk 1:48).

5) Why does Jesus present his mother to ‘the disciple He loved’ (John the son of Zebedee) (Jn 19:27) though John had a mother of his own and this mother also present at the foot of the cross (Matt 27:56)?

6) In Jn 19:27 we in fact do not see Jesus requesting the disciple to take Mary as his mother, but a command. This bestowal being shown as part of what was ‘to be accomplished (Jn 19:28). Then why do we not see Mary in the lives of a protestant disciple?

7) When the Spirit inspired Elisabeth pronounces Jesus as the ‘fruit of Mary’s womb’ (Lk 1: 41-44) and Galatians 4:4 says Jesus was ‘made of a Mary, and as Hebrews 2:14 – 18 stresses that by partaking the flesh and blood of Mary, Jesus became the son of Abraham (and in turn David became the father of Jesus Mt 1:1; Lk 1:32; 20:41; Acts 2:29, 30; Rom 1:3; Rev 5:5; Rev 22:16; ) ‘like all children partake of their mothers’, why is Mary just an egg shell and not the mother of God Jesus even though it is through Mary’s mothering Jesus that David and Abraham becomes Jesus’ father and ancestor?